WATCH: Coltart calls for financial probity within the MDC

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By Staff Reporter

THE opposition MDC needs to transform itself into a “strong” and financially sound institution if it is to win elections in 2023, former Education Minister David Coltart has said.

Coltart was speaking in a video circulated to party structures Friday in which he accepted nomination for the position of treasurer general in the MDC national executive.

“If we are to ensure that Nelson Chamisa becomes next president in Zimbabwe and that MDC wins the next elections, we have to build a strong party, we have to build an efficient organisation,” said the human rights lawyer.

However Coltart as quick to indicate that he had not lobbied to be nominated for the position but immediately laid out his plan for the financially crippled party.

“I have not campaigned for this position so far, although I have told (party leader) Nelson Chamisa that I would work for the party not at the capacity the party had thought it was best.

“I had not put my name forward for this position. However, I have been nominated by seven provinces. I am humbled and honoured to accept the nominations,” the former Cabinet Minister said.

Coltart becomes the first high-level nominee to accept after the conclusion of MDC lower structures’ congresses in which the party’s 13 provinces nominated senior leaders to take positions in the national executive.

The former Cabinet Minister said he has a track record that speaks for itself.

“I have a long record of building strong institutions as founding legal secretary of the MDC, I established the legal defense fund and raised a lot of money to ensure that MDC is running across the country and adequately defended.

“As Minister of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture between 2009 and 2013 I established Educational Transaction Fund and raised hundreds of millions dollars to resuscitate education in Zimbabwe,” said Coltart in his pitch ahead of the congress.

Other party leaders nominated for the same position include current vice national chairperson and vice presidential nominee Tendai Biti and former deputy secretary general Tapiwa Mashakada.

Former councilllor Rusty Markham, Harare Central MP, Murisi Zwizwai and one Eathridge Kureva have been nominated for the position of deputy treasurer general.

With reports of abuse of funds rife within the MDC, Coltart indicated he would want to bring accountability arguing in the institutions he worked no cent was misappropriated.

“That money was efficiently and correctly spent and we enjoyed the support of donors and we have to the same thing for MDC.

“I have long believed that the MDC, cannot promise to the nation that it can run Zimbabwe efficiently, if we cannot run the party itself efficiently. So we have to ensure that finances run efficiently and with full accountability,” he said.

“If elected I will do all in my power to install high levels of financial discipline and integrity in running of the party’s finances. I have always worked well in teams and I will seek to employ and engage people with financial expertise and integrity to assist me in implementing all the policies needed to ensure that the party becomes financially strong and runs well in.”

David Coltart campaign video

Ex-Education Minister David Coltart makes some promises on how he wants to revive the fortunes of MDC if elected party treasurer-general later this month.

Posted by New on Friday, May 3, 2019