WATCH: Miss Africa 2018’s hair catches fire seconds after being announced winner

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The Sun

THE winner of Miss Africa 2018 got off to a fiery start after her hair caught fire seconds after she was announced as the winner.

Tears of joy from Dorcas Kasinde soon turned to panic as she realised her barnet had gone up in flames on stage.

Pyrotechnics set off to celebrate her win caused the minor disaster, and it takes Dorcas a few seconds to realise her hair is being torched.

Mid-embrace, she wipes away a tear before spotting the flames from the corner of her eye.


Luckily the fire was quickly put out and Dorcas, representing the Congo, got to wear her crown.

She later posted a video online assuring fans she and her hair were ok.

The 24-year-old said: “I’m good. My hair… it’s okay.

“I feel good now. Thank you!

“I’m so happy and I want to thank you all to come tonight to support me and support me on social media.”

The beauty pageant, held in Nigeria, sees the winner receive a truck and £27,500 ($35,000), so she’ll be able to treat herself to a new hairdo at least.

Newly crowned Miss Africa, Dorcas Kasinde