WATCH: Neighbours of ‘rude and anti-social’ granny who concealed husband’s corpse speak out

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By Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of Zengeza 3, Chitungwiza in Harare are baffled by an elderly woman, who concealed her dead husband’s body for nearly a week.

Plaxedes Mashasha, who has since appeared in court, was Thursday further remanded in custody to December 9.

Regional magistrate, Clever Tsikwa, said Mashasha must be tested to ascertain her mental health, before bail application is heard.

Mashasha stands accused of hiding her husband, Gideon’s corpse in the family house, which is a crime.

She also allegedly confined her son, Grant (39) to the ceiling of their property for the past 14 years.

Mashasha reportedly filed a sudden death report at the police station, before the body of her husband was found already in a decomposing state.

Neighbours who spoke to said the deceased suffered a stroke in 1992 and had been using a wheelchair, but no outsider knew he had died.

Residents spoke of Mashasha as a rude and anti-social granny, who hailed insults at anyone who dared question her over the weird goings on at her property.

The court of public opinion was unanimous that Mashasha should rot in prison for exhibiting strange characteristics.

According to sources, Mashasha was a member of the Roman Catholic church before she joined an apostolic sect, ostensibly to get rid to evil spirits encircling her family.

The couple had five children, including Grant who was fourth born.