WATCH: Son sets father’s houses ablaze after dispute over wristwatch

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By Tinei Tuhwe

Brendon Gwara (21) of Mhondoro in Mbwerere village, under headman Richard Humbira, set his father’s two houses on fire after a dispute over a watch.

Brendon’s father, Martin had refused to hand over the wristwatch to him resulting in a dispute which left his family homeless and appealing for public help.

Speaking to during a recent visit to Mhondoro, Martin Gwara recalled the incident, “He demanded me to surrender my watch to him

“I refused, which led him to chase me and other family members away with a two-meter iron steel rod.”

He then returned home around 2PM , borrowed matches from the neighbor, and set the two houses ablaze, destroying everything inside.

Gwara revealed that they had failed to calm Brendon down, as he had become extremely aggressive, threatening to kill anyone who tried to intervene.

He added that his son has been struggling with drug addiction and mental health illness since 2022.

Despite reporting the issue to the police, they shockingly refused to take action, instead telling Gwara that he should restrain his son himself and bring him to the station.

He also expressed frustration and helplessness, feeling that the authorities failed to take his concerns into consideration.

“My son has been taking drugs since 2022, and it has destroyed his future

” I reported the matter to the police, but they refused to take him into custody, and now my houses are burnt,” he said

Gwara alleged that the police told him to tie up his son and bring him to the police camp, which he deemed too dangerous.

“I felt it was too dangerous to handle the situation myself, which led me to report the matter to the police

“If the police had responded in time, my houses would not have been burnt,” he said.

He appealed to the government to take action and combat the rampant drug abuse in the community.

Brendon’s grandmother, Mary Chikwiramatombo said that if law enforcement agents had responded promptly, his son’s houses would not have been burnt.

Gwara is now appealing for help to rebuild their lives.

“We have lost everything, including farming machinery, fertilizers, solar panels, clothes, and food

“I’m left with nothing, and I plead for help from the public.”