WATCH: Tafara Community in shock after hubby stabs wife to death

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By Staff Reporter

THE Tafara community has been left reeling in shock after a 34 year old man stabbed his wife to death in a squabble allegedly emanating from infidelity suspicions.

Melody Musanza was stabbed by her husband Ernest Musanza in a domestic dispute last week.

When Destiny TV visited Tafara, the atmosphere was tense.

According to the neighbors that spoke to Destiny TV the two had a heated argument resulting in Melody stabbing her husband.

It is said Ernest stabbed his wife multiple times repeatedly in a fit of anger resulting in her death.

“Mai Sasha lived well with everyone. We heard screams in the wee hours of the morning. We heard another scream and that is when we went there only to find her lifeless body lying on the floor. We then called the police who immediately came,” said one neighbour.

Another neighbour said: “I was pained by Mai Sasha’s death. Even if you have wronged your partner, that does not warrant the death of someone. I knew her because she was a hairdresser. It seems it’s a danger to be around men. Judging by their posts on social media they looked well together. This has left their children in dire straits,” said one neighbour.

Ernest is reportedly in hospital nursing injuries sustained from the stab while also under police guard.

Melody’s body is in the mortuary as the post mortem process is still underway.

“Government should address the issue of domestic violence. Women are no longer safe in the hands of their partners. Men who kill their partners should be jailed for a long time,” said one furious Tafara resident.