WATCH: Tsenengamu Breaks Down, Confesses To Violent Crimes He Committed In Zanu PF

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By Leopold Munhende – Chief Reporter

NEWLY formed Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) party national coordinator Godfrey Tsenengamu broke down Saturday, as he confessed violent crimes he committed during the time he led ruling Zanu PF’s youth league.

He was speaking at the launch of FEEZ in Harare, a year after his expulsion from Zanu PF for blaming top Zanu PF leaders and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally Kudakwashe Tagwirei in corruption.

However, Tsenengamu failed to contain his emotions and choked as he begged Zimbabweans and God for forgiveness.

He confessed during the launch how he used to strategise, and direct violent attacks on suspected opposition supporters.

“I as Godfrey Tsenengamu was a member of Zanu PF. I joined that party at a time when I loved it and had an agenda to build my nation too,” the former Youth League political commissar, said.

“There are a lot of things I did when I was in Zanu PF, good and bad. I come before those whom I did wrong and ask for your forgiveness, I mean what I did wrong in thought, action and planning, may you please forgive me.

“I will not say what others did, but confess what I did. I am not doing this to make anyone happy, but to ask for salvation and forgiveness from God.

“I spoke words that divided Zimbabweans, there are people who failed to find peace during the time I was a youth in Zanu PF. I do not have blood on my hands, but I swear there are people who did not have peace in their lives because of my actions while I was in Zanu PF, Lord forgive me.

“I come before all Zimbabweans in earnest. God, you are the one who knows my heart, give me strength. I am not begging you to support me, but give me an opportunity to have a new lease of life.”

Tsenengamu was fired from Zanu PF on 4 March last year.

He, and former Politburo member, Lewis Matutu, had accused business tycoon Tagwirei of capturing state institutions.