WATCH VIDEOS: Zanu PF primaries violence – MP’s ‘thugs’ attack rival’s supporters as rally blocked

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By Staff Reporter

Zanu PF activists were injured following violent skirmishes that erupted Monday in Chegutu West constituency where the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) Dexter Nduna, is allegedly funding thugs to intimidate and assault supporters of his main opponent ahead of internal elections.

The legislator is said to have assembled a ruthless militia to enforce his hegemony in town and block his challenger Farai Chigavazira from campaigning in the constituency.

During the most recent attacks at Maridad Primary School and Branswick Farm, several people including a village headman, were left nursing varying degrees of injuries.

When visited Chegutu following reports of violence Monday, the situation was tense as Zanu PF youths from both sides milled around the party district offices located in the central business district.

Our news crew witnessed youths said to be aligned to Nduna conducting an illegal roadblock along the main road leading to the high-density residential areas, carrying out a stop-and-search exercise.

Chigavazira’s posters were either defaced or had President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 2018 election posters pasted on top of them.

In clips below, activists recount the attacks at Monday’s aborted rally;