WATCH: VP Chiwenga Fails To Say; “Debilitating”, Communicators Blamed For Setting Him Up

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By Staff Reporter

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga Monday left guests attending the National Day of Prayer and Fasting stunned after he repeatedly failed to pronounce the word; “debilitating”.

He was giving in his vote of thanks at State House where President Emmerson Mnangagwa hosted mostly religious leaders for the national day of prayer.

The video has since gone viral but social media users blame Chiwenga’s communicators for deliberately ridiculing him.

“How Chiwenga pronounces English words doesn’t bother me a bit! He is surrounded by incompetent communicators who either don’t know their job or are meant to deliberately ridicule him. There are better ways of writing a speech for your principal cognisant of his abilities,” wrote journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono.

“It was hilarious initially, not it’s downright ridiculous. There are simpler words to express himself adequately. Our penchant for verbosity and verbiage is legendary. His writers should be terse and save us all the derision and mockery. For now, he is our image,” said Simbarashe Muvambwi.

Other social media users suggested Chiwenga should give his speeches in Shona, his native language.

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