Waterless Lupane sitting on health time bomb

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Matabeleland North Correspondent

LUPANE town is sitting on a health time bomb as some sections of the Matabeleland North capital including Lupane State University (LSU) main campus have been without water for the past week.

Lupane centre, comprising residential areas and government offices, last had water last week after rains fell some electricity poles while taps at the LSU campus ran dry early this week.

Male and female students at some point reportedly shared bathrooms and toilets as only one hostel had water for two days this week, drawing from a jojo tank mounted at the college.

They are now using the bucket system both for flushing and bathing, leaving toilets in a mess, according to students interviewed.

“It’s been days now since we last had water. We haven’t been given an official position, but the authorities went to engage Zinwa.

“There is no more privacy because everyone (male and female students) is sharing the bathrooms and toilets in one hostel as there was water from a jojo tank which is now finished.

“We don’t even know for how long this will go but we fear for a health hazard because flushing with buckets leaves all toilets messy. Even the prevailing Covid-19 situation requires running water which is not the case anymore here,” said a student.

Some students were reportedly in near protest when they were addressed by their representatives about the water situation as they demanded answers from the college management.

The water crisis reportedly started following the rains that fell in the area and damaged electricity poles.

Zinwa pumps and distributes water around Lupane from the nearby Bubi-Lupane Dam.

Sections that include the Lupane District Coordinator’s office, magistrates’ courts, police station, shops, education offices and others last had water last week Wednesday when the rains caused a blackout.

“Some sections of Lupane centre have been without water because of the rains that caused electricity blackout,” said Lupane Residents secretary Ntombi Moyo.

LSU director of marketing and communication Zwelithini Dlamini could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was not reachable.