Waverly Blankets Boss Seeks To Bar ZACC From Searching Company

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By Mary Taruvinga

WAVERLY Plastics boss Aron Vico, who is embroiled in a bitter fight with his relatives over the control of the plastic ware and blankets company, has approached the High Court seeking to bar the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) from searching the company’s offices.

Vico is involved in a messy dogfight with his uncle, Victor Cohen’s daughters Amanda Berkowitz and Belynda Halfon.

The sisters are contesting at the High Court the alleged fraudulent takeover of the multi-million-dollar family business by Vico. 

However, the businessman has also approached the High Court on a separate matter seeking the setting aside of a ZACC warrant for search and seizure which was issued against the company last month at the Harare magistrates’ courts.

According to an affidavit deposed by Vico, a warrant of search and seizure was issued by Provincial Magistrate J. Taruvinga in terms of the Anti-Corruption Commission(ZACC) Act.

ZAAC and one Guta an official from the anti-corruption commission are cited as first and second respondents in the matter.

Acting on the strength of the granted order Guta approached Waverly on July 3 demanding that the company avail to him certain documents specified in the warrant.

However, the warrant was contested by Vico who claimed it was invalid for various reasons.

“I am advised that the warrant referred to herein is invalid and ought to be set aside for the following reasons. The place or premises at which the purported warrant ought to be executed has not been stated with sufficient precision such as to avoid the entrance into the premises in circumstances that might violate the applicant’s right to privacy,” reads the application.

Vico also argued that apart from a generalised reference to an offence of fraud having been committed, the warrant does not specify the alleged offender.

He said the documents sought to be seized were never specified and there was no indication if the documents were connected with the offence in question.

He added Vico allegations made by Amanda Berkowitz and Belynda Halfon and are currently the subject of pending High Court litigation case number HC5040/19 and no other purpose ought to be achieved except to harass individuals cited as the alleged perpetrators.

The matter is still pending.