We are doing our best – says Dinson Group in response to disgruntled workers at Manhidze site

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By Staff Reporter

DINSON Group, the Chinese company tasked with building Africa’s largest iron smelting company in Manhidze, has said it is trying its best to take care of its workers in response to reports they are disgruntled. 

The group was accused of denying workers off days and stuffing them in tiny rooms at the site while labour association Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) said it had been blocked from assessing the situation. 

Speaking to, Project Director Wilfred Motsi said they were striving to be the best employer locally. 

“Our workers are paid and they are given four off days a month. We are not perfect, but we are striving to become an employer of choice and to meet highest standards for workers in their living and working conditions,” said Motsi. 

Motsi revealed that it was on that they had built temporary accommodation to cater for their complement of workers comprising of 150 rooms in 10 blocks which have fitted bunk beds while food was supplied by Tsebo, a local food outlet. 

“We provide three meals per day and we serve what we agreed in consultation with management,” Chatukuta said, the Head Chef at Manhidze. 

“We serve breakfast, lunch and supper. We serve tea and bread in the morning and sadza with relish for lunch and supper. The relish changes everyday, we serve meat, kapenta, vegetables and beans. 

The US$1,5 billion project being implemented by Dinson Iron and Steel Company (DISCO) is anticipated to start production in August this year producing over 1,2 million tons of steel. 

Plans are already afoot for the company to build its own railway line to service its chain of production, months after being granted approval to build a separate power supply line to ensure constant electricity supply in the new settlement.