We are not spiteful or jealous – says Mwonzora’s MDC- T on recalls; vows to continue with purges

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By Staff Reporter

THE opposition MDC-T party has dismissed as false assertions that recalls of parliamentarians and councillors were driven by spite and jealousy.

The party has allegedly been targeting for expulsion members within its fold, who refuse to recognise its president Douglas Mwonzora, or those who cosy up to Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Party spokesperson, Witness Dube, said besides having the constitutional right to recall members who join other parties, they expected the same individuals to honourably resign and join movements of their choice.

The comment emanated from discussions on the party’s decision not contest vacant posts in upcoming by elections, particularly those that came about following recalls by MDC-T.


“We are not being driven by malice or jealousy. Perhaps the question should be why the recalled persons are not resigning to join the political parties of their choice and not the narrative you are trying to insinuate,” said Dube.

“Recalls are constitutionally provisioned to redress duplicitous situations like these. We should be pressured for not recalling such since they have no integrity to resign before joining other political parties.

“There also is a question of why those people do not resign by themselves before joining other political parties.

“The conduct of being in-between parties actually does affect the discharge of their duties and the fulfilment of party manifestos.

“There is so much more to explore about the recall clause other than just vilifying the MDC for effecting a constitutional provision meant to
protector the voter.

“If that clause is removed a strong institution like Zanu PF, because of its reliance on the deep state, will be able to buy the way of their people into opposition bodies.”

More than 200 elected Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors have been recalled by the MDC-T, first under Thokozani Khupe who later joined CCC and now led by Mwonzora.

Added Dube: “Remember how Jonathan Moyo crossed back to Zanu PF with the Tsholotsho seat before this clause? Without this clause, who knows what Temba Mliswa would have done by now?”

Moyo was an independent representative of Tsholotsho before rejoining Zanu PF. Mliswa, who is also an independent MP, has been accused of having a soft spot for the ruling party.

Failure to contest the seats after recalls by the MDC-T has seen critics dismiss them as nothing other than scornful and abusive of the electorate, which chose representatives at the 2018 polls.

“Section 129K makes it an imperative for a party to recall their public representative who joins a political party which did not sponsor their

“Being in-between parties disturbs the party whipping system upon which our democracy is premised.

“Media should be exposing such public officials because in the end they work for their welfare at the expense of the voter, never taking instructions from any of the parties they will be flirting with.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has since 2018 handled 66 parliamentary and 168 local authority elections.

Zanu PF and CCC have shared all the posts with MDC-T choosing not to contest.