We have no plans for congress – CCC

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent

THE Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says it has no plans to hold an elective congress anytime soon.

The newly established party has been under pressure to hold a congress to select substantive leadership.

It is currently led by interim executives.

In an interview with Friday, CCC interim deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba said the party will continue with the current order.

“Our road-map and path to power has no congress in it, not just in form and character or practice. We are not holding a congress, the nomenclature of a congress does not exist (in our vocabulary),” Siziba said.

He claimed the decision not to have a congress was informed by the realisation that Zanu PF was plotting to infiltrate the Nelson Chamisa-led outfit.

“What if we are going to have a national people’s convention or an assembly, we are not going to have a congress that belongs to Zanu PF, MDC Alliance  and other political formations. It does not exist in the CCC,” he said.

“It is the headquarters of Zanu PF and the CIO who in their imagination think we are going to have a congress so they deploy their people. We know there are people planning, there is no vacancy in the alternative, there is no programme for political power. We have no political programme around what people might term a congress.”

“We have learnt from our past movements, from our history; we have been in this struggle for two decades, experience is the best teacher.”