We will not vote for Zanu PF – Mashonaland West villagers

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By Thandiwe Garusa

DISGRUNTLED Zanu PF supporters in Chegutu East have threatened to withdraw support from President Emmerson Mnangagwa and vote him out of power come next year’s general election.

This comes as 300 families face potential displacement to make way for a proposed platinum mining for a Chinese firm.

The families were allocated the land after the reform program and have been living there since then.

Most are retired civil servants who depend on small-scale farming.

Speaking during a meeting held at Hopewell farm Chegutu, the disgruntled villagers blamed Mnangagwa for their imminent eviction.

One plot holder said: “Even him (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) if we are evicted, the election is coming, who will vote for him, how will he win the election, will the Chinese vote for him, will one person make him win? They cannot support one corrupt person at the expense of hundreds”.

“We fought for this land, and you cannot tell us to leave, where do you want us to go as old as we are? Hurumende ngaiticherechedzewo, murombo haavigwi ari mupenyu munotoumirira kuti afe, we suffered for this land and our pain cannot go in vain because of one person,” he added.

“Yes, we fought the whites and they left, now fellow blacks are fighting us, we cannot be fighting each other,” weighed in another.

Mashonaland West province is a known Zanu PF stronghold.

Nationwide, thousands of families have been displaced to make way for Chinese investors farming, mining or any other construction works.