Welshman: MDC should first defeat military in order to rule country

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By Staff Reporter

PENHALONGA: MDC vice president Welshman Ncube says President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party were not in total control of the country but the military was calling the shots.

Speaking during victory celebrations for Mutasa South legislator, Regayi Tsunga in Tsvingwe, Penhalonga Sunday, Ncube said young people in the country led by MDC president Nelson Chamisa will have the responsibility to take the army back to the barracks where it belongs.

Tsunga defeated Zanu PF candidate Misheck Mugadza during last year`s harmonised elections with a landslide margin.

“There is need to strengthen the party at all levels including the branches,” Ncube said.

“We need unity, unity, unity. As long there is no unity in the party you cannot defeat, not just Zanu PF but the military.

“Zimbabwe is not governed by Zanu PF but military, never forget that.

“Never forget that you are required to defeat the military because you defeated Zanu PF and Mugabe long back. What you need to do now is to defeat the military.”

Ncube said the MDC old guard will not be responsible for removing the military but the youths in the country led by Chamisa.

“The late Joshua Nkomo (ex State VP) many years ago said this country will never die but young people will save it. The process of saving this country has started because we chose President Nelson Chamisa as our leader at the congress. This country is not going to die no matter how we will suffer because you as young people you are going to save it.

“Cde Gonese, isusu abadala (we the older ones), we are not the ones who will defeat the military. The young people led by President Nelson Chamisa will defeat the military and take them to the barracks so that the politics will come to the civilians,” said Ncube.

He pointed that their party lost a considerable number of house of assembly seats to Zanu PF in Manicaland during the 2018 elections due to infighting as cadres jostle for positions.

In 2008, MDC won 20 out of 26 parliamentary seats in the province but now controls only seven constituencies.

“Cde Mutseyami, in 2008 you had 20 seats and Zanu PF was reduced to just six. Today we are now seven we have reversed, the challenge why we are seven is we forgot who the enemy was.

“We started to think the fight was about positions. Everyone wanted to grab a position. Going forward, this must stop. You can fight for position when the military is back in the barracks,” said the VP.

Ncube said by strengthening party structures, it was the only way to ensure that Chamisa goes to State House to stop poverty and hunger.

He also told the party supporters that it was their responsibility to inform people in their communities that Mnangagwa was their source of their current economic misery.

“I know in your communities there are people who still support Zanu PF despite the hardships we are facing.

“It does not make sense when someone says Pamberi naED (President Mnangagwa) when the economy is collapsing. Some of them behave as if they were bewitched. It’s your responsibility to remind them that ED was their source of misery,” said Ncube.

He said Mnangagwa was a conductor in former President Robert Mugabe bus but stole it without a valid driver`s license and the country was now stagnant.

“We are not going anywhere because ED does possess a valid driver’s licence for him to be eligible to drive the bus he stole from his boss. The bus does not have wheels and even a steering wheel to control it,” said Ncube.