What Are the Pros and Cons of Community College In 2023

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Do you want to get familiar with the benefits of community college? There are numerous pros and cons of community college, let’s get familiar with some of them!

According to Jill Biden, “Because of the flexibility that community colleges afford, many students do not have to choose between an education and fulfilling other responsibilities – they can do both.”

We will get into the community college degree pros and cons. But before that let’s get familiar with its concept and its best reasons.

What is a Community College?

A community college offers associated degrees, certificates and continuing education. This college offers not only academic majors but also offers vocational majors.

Community college differs from country to country. In some countries, community colleges have open-enrollment facilities for those students who have already graduated from high school.

According to the statistics by essay writing services, some of the best community colleges in America are:

  • Foothill College
  • Northwood Technical College
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Moraine Park Technical College
  • Santa Barbara City College

Community college Vs University main difference is that community college primarily provides 2 years associate degree whereas university provides three- and four-years courses.

Reasons to Attend Community College

Let’s get familiar with some of the best reasons why students prefer to choose community college over any kind of other college.

  • One of the pros of community college is that it provides easy access to post-secondary education.
  • Not only education but this college also makes sure to provide special training and enhance skills for workplaces.
  • Community colleges provide a special focus on providing programs to enhance the overall welfare of a community.
  • It indulges students in different training and cultural activities.
  • You can learn different languages based on your interest and prepare for plans.

Pros of Community College

There are abundant reasons why students choose to go to community college. To provide you with the proper piece of information we have listed some of them below:

1.   Economic

Four-year courses require a lot of expenses that include food, shelter, tuition fees, expenses on educational materials and resources and much more. While a two-year course minimizes your expense by exactly half.

Not only economically, but it also saves your time. In two years, you can get a degree which will help you earn earlier than the rest of the students who pursue four years degree.

Hence, if you are a student who wants to gain a quality education at a minimum cost, then community college might be the best option for you.

2.   Limited Number of Students

If you are a talented student, this might work as an advantage for you. Where different universities have 100+ students in a classroom, the community college has smaller classrooms and a limited number of students.

Teachers, professors, and lecturers can provide plenty of time for each student. Also, there will be less disturbance in your classroom, which will eventually make your education journey more peaceful.

3.   Tends to be More Flexible

According to research done by the Community College Research Centre, there are about 80% of community college students tend to work. On the contrary, if we look at university statistics the number of students who work is comparatively less.

This is possible as community students are provided with a more flexible environment to study. Also, 26% of students here are parents. Community college encourages students to pursue college degrees even when they are old or are bound with abundant responsibilities.

The schedule of this college is managed flexibly so that students not only study but also work. This way they will also be able to gain work experience.

4.   Option to Explore

Instead of investing thousands of dollars to gain a degree in a private university, you can simply choose community colleges. This way you will invest more in your study expenditure.

When you spend less on your education, you can explore to try and find out things of your interest. This way even if you switch or try to gain skills related to your interest it will be much easier.

Moreover, if you’re a student who likes to explore and figure things out, community college is the best option for you.

5.   Closer to Your Home

Community colleges are usually closer to home. This makes it suitable for even parents with children to continue their education to gain a degree and obtain a quality of life.

This way students don’t need to travel abroad to pursue degrees. It helps children to maintain good relations with their parents in the long run.

Students can eat meals and share home with their parents which will save them from making unnecessary expenses. Hence, community college is best as it helps you stay connected with your home.

Cons of Community College

As we have already known about the pros of community college, in this section of the article let’s get familiar with the cons of community college:

1.   Less Extracurricular Activities

One of the cons of community college is that there is a limited number of extracurricular activities provided to students.

There is a limited number of:

  • Clubs
  • Fraternities
  • Sororities

Due to this reason, there is a lack of competitive teams when it comes to sports of any kind. Also, this kind of college provides fewer scholarships based on sports

2.   Lack of Four Years Degree

A lot of students don’t choose community colleges because there are no or very few such colleges that provide four years degrees. Students have doubts that the two-year course might not be as educational and complete as four-year courses.

The student who attends community college needs to transfer to a traditional college or university if their college asks for Bachelor’s degree.

Many workplaces demand four years degree certificates for better consideration which might also be a major problem.


Community colleges are a better option for all those students across the world who want to gain quality education in a certain period. In most cases, you don’t have to bear through the competitive admission process which is good for children’s mental health.

Also, community colleges make sure that students live in their own homes with their parents under the proper guidance. This kind of college doesn’t provide any kind of on-campus housing.

Everything in this world has both pros and cons. The same is the case with community colleges. It makes sure to build amazing essay writers and well-educated students with good morals and ethics.

If you are thinking of joining a community college, we wish you all the best in your journey!