Whites More Corrupt Than Us – Mliswa

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By Stephen Tsamba

OUTSPOKEN Independent Norton legislator Themba Mliswa says white owned companies in Zimbabwe are looting the country’s natural resources much more than those owned by indigenous people.

In a series of Twitter posts Tuesday, Mliswa said the looting is taking place, surprisingly, with government’s blessing.

He claimed the white-owned companies are given preference in the granting of treasury bills, singling out Bindura-based fertilizer manufacturing company, FSG.

“Many of these companies were given treasury bills by Government. FSG, the fertilizer company has been given money to supply inputs for the presidential inputs scheme and has a five-year contract to this effect and given TB’s,” he claimed.

Mliswa also said that there are many white owned companies that have entered into similar deals but are engaging in questionable business practices that cause the exchange rate to go askew.

“There are many other white companies that have entered into such deals. They are engaging in questionable business practices, some of which are suspected to be pushing up the forex rates,” he said.

He also attacked Western countries like Britain and the United States for selectively imposing sanctions on black businesses.

This comes after the two countries, in a space of two weeks, imposed sanctions on oil mogul Kuda Tagwirei, accusing him of plunder and corruption.

“The selective application of imposing sanctions is how the element of racism and discrimination is suspected as evidence is available to question the motives. Its not about targeting one person. If sanctions are to be applied let the policy be consistent and applied across the board. There are more pertinent issues at stake like why are the white owned companies receiving more forex than the indigenous ones and yet they purport to earning forex,” Mliswa tweeted.