Wicknell spurns local girls, opts for SA villager

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“WE don’t want him here. The Zulu girls can have him and never bring him back. He can relocate to South Africa, or any other country for that matter and no one would even notice his absence.”
“Go well fatty! Maybe it’s just as well; what girl would be willing to have a man that size on top of her for a lifetime . . .”
These were some of the social media responses after flashy Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo comments about Zimbabwean women on his Facebook page this week.
Over a thousand responded castigating the flamboyant tycoon who commands a huge following on social media.
Wicknell, who is well known for bragging about his riches, posted an image with an alleged Zulu village girl whom he said he wanted to marry.
He said that he had recently settled for a foreigner as ladies back home in Zimbabwe were “everywhere doing everything with everyone” while also calling them stubborn and disrespectful.
“I’ve finally decided to marry a South African girl from the village. We had a good discussion, but she asked me why I couldn’t marry back home.
“I said ‘I think most of our Zimbabwean girls are very disrespectful and stubborn, as a matter of principle no wealthy man wants a girl that’s everywhere doing everything with everyone. I’m attracted to intelligence.”

Chivayo with his Zulu beauty