Wife withdraws violence charges against abusive musician

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THE wife of an upcoming musician, Gary Muponda, who is son to an artiste Wilbroad Muponda best known as Willom Tight Friday withdrew charges against her husband saying they settled their differences at home.
Muponda was dragged to court last week after he allegedly assaulted, undressed his wife, Amanda Manyuwa, while his girlfriend filmed her in the nude.
He had not pleaded to the two counts of physical abuse and was out of custody on $50 bail.
Manyuwa told court that no one coerced her to withdraw charges saying she decided to forgive her husband.
Allegations against Muponda arose on May 14 this year when his wife arrived home and found him in their bedroom with his girlfriend.
Court heard Manyuwa went into their bedroom and took her bag before she went into her in-laws bedroom.
Muponda allegedly followed her and started assaulting her with open hands threatening to kill her.
Prosecutor Devoted Nyagano Gwashavanhu told court that Muponda then stripped his wife naked.
His girlfriend followed into the parents’ bedroom and started taking nude photos of Manyuwa.
Four days later court heard Muponda arrived home and found his wife cooking meat.
He then asked her where she got the money from and the wife told him that she had been given the money by her cousin. Muponda allegedly accused her of lying before he assaulted her again.
Manyuwa then went and reported the abuse.
Muponda was represented by his lawyer Gwinyai Shumba.Advertisement