Will Smith ticks bungee jumping off his bucket list and gets a ‘cool shot’ of the whole thing

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AS if Will Smith hadn’t already achieved huge amounts in his 48 years on this planet he’s gone and ticked another thing off his bucket list.
The actor went bungee jumping at the world famous Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and his jump, 111 metres above the Zambezi River, fulfilled his 20-year dream of jumping at the world famous heritage site.
And somehow Smith was still able to speak while hanging upside down swinging about in mid air.
In a video shared on YouTube, Will can heard saying “this is going to be a cool shot, this is going to be a really cool shot”.
“Look how great this shot is. This is crazy. Bungee jumping Victoria Falls, I’ve been wanting to do this for like 20 years.”
Victoria Falls is a UNESCO world heritage site and the falls are classed as the largest waterfall in the world.
No big deal then.
Looking down from over 100 metres above the Zambezi River, we can’t image Will wouldn’t have been a tad nervous, although he really doesn’t look it in the shot.
All that Men In Black training obviously paid off.