Willom Tight cannot believe his luck

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LADY luck has finally smiled at Willom Tight after years of irrelevance on the local scene.
The musician announced last year he had re-united with Shamiso Music and Entertainment with whom he is recording a 15 track album to be released this month.
As if that is not enough, one of the tracks from the unfinished project Manifesto has already been chosen as the soundtrack for a forthcoming Australian movie.
Titled African Paradox the track is a collaborative effort with Malian legend Salif Keita.
Many were convinced the artiste could easily make it onto the list of under achievers of Zimbabwean music and the musician accedes he cannot believe his fortunes.
“I am happy to have been considered for to record with Shamiso Music and Entertainment yet again. For a long time I have yearned for this opportunity and I consider myself lucky to get this chance,” said an elated Willom Tight.
“I am going to perform at the premier in Australia with Salif Keita,” he said.
He said he still thinks he is dreaming having worked with the best locally in Oliver Mtukudzi and regionally.
Apart from Keita, the magnanimous comeback will also feature fiery Zimbabwean guitarist Maxwell Musopero Vidima, Bongo Maffin’s Speedy and producer Sifiso Mbede.
According to reports the musician signed an end to end contract with Shamiso Music and Entertainment that will see his management being taken care of by the company.
Born Willboard Muponda, Willom Tight hogged the limelight Ndinoda wangu in 2000 and Hodzeko in 2003 both under Shamiso Music and Entertainment.
However, after parting ways with the company, even roping in Oliver Mtukudzi could not produce desired results on the album Kuza Ngoma in 2008 and late Chinyerere in 2011.
And with his son Gary doing well on the local scene, it was imperative for the musician to save himself
“I am 42 and my son Gary is 18 and already doing music. When you are my age you feel you need to be established in some way and this project is what was lacking,” he said.
“I know this time I nailed it. I am even shocked at what I have managed to do.”Advertisement