Winky D attacked for ‘Jecha’ song in Kwekwe

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By Showbiz Reporter

POPULAR Zimdancehall chanter Winky D and his Vigilance Band members had to run for dear life at Golden Mile hotel in Kwekwe town after a group of thugs reportedly attacked them with machetes.

The party spoilers who numbered about a dozen, started throwing stones and empty bottles on stage attacking the band members, moments before Winky D joined them.

The group was scheduled perform as the closing act at the hotel Christmas Eve gig.

The opposition MDC has since described the attack as “barbaric and unacceptable”.

The Zimdancehall artist also known as Ninja president is well known for his poverty biting and protesting lyrics and recently released a single Kasong Kejecha which did not go down well with some ruling party Zanu PF supporters.

The song has since been denied air play at state owned radio stations.

The song talks about the current economic situation in the country affecting the majority of people, corruption, the deteriorating health sector and the government claims the bond note was equal to the US dollar.

The small town of Kwekwe is well known for a violent group Al-Shabaab which is known for terrorising opposition supporters and the terror group is said be under the ruling party’s provincial leadership.

MDC national spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the violence unleashed on an artist and the perpetrators going unpunished is both barbaric and unacceptable.

“Artists in Zimbabwe must have the freedom to think, be creative and enjoy the benefits of popular culture,” said Mafume.

“Criminalising certain words or diction due to its association with the MDC is also a bad sign and a bad reflection on the Zanu PF leadership which divides Zimbabweans and turn them against each other.

“Even worse is the silence of Mnangagwa and the entire Zanu PF government.

“They must be careful, people have been killed in their name and they have always kept quiet and that no arrest has been made up to now is not good enough,” Mafume said.

Winky D later posted on Twitter, “To God be the Glory. Management hereby informs you that Winky D and the Vigilance Band are all safe and sound. Have a blessed Christmas.”