Winky D drops video for controversial KaSong keJecha

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

POPULAR Dancehall superstar, Winky D has released the video for his new and controversial KaSong KeJecha which has the popular catchphrase aligned to the opposition political party, MDC Alliance.

Wallace Chirimuko, more widely known as Winky D in the music orbits, confirmed the release on his official twitter account on this Tuesday.

“Blessed Magafa, marori asvika. Checkout the KaSong KeJecha video,” he wrote.

Directed by Magna Shoca and produced by Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma, the video had attracted over 30,000 views within just 24hours of being posted on YouTube.

The song’s release put fans into quite a frenzy and was subject of debate as the lyrics are politically charged.

It was received with much hype from opposition supporters on social media.

The title KaSong KeJecha embraces the MDC Alliance’s mantra ‘kudira jecha’.

Winky D’s manager, Jonathan Banda however, argued that the song has a social interpretation, making it clear that the artist is not affiliated to any political party.

“I was actually surprised that there is a political interpretation to the song.

“I thought it would be taken as a social message because Winky D is apolitical,” Banda told a local newspaper.

He added that it was unfortunate that Winky D camp had been aligned to a certain political party and that some radio stations were not giving the song much airplay.

“For others to contemplate not playing it on radio is worrisome and uncalled for,” he said.