Winky D faces vicious attacks from Zanu PF supporters over Ghettocracy Score performance

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By Darlington Gatsi

RULING Zanu PF supporters are in overdrive, spewing vitriol against musician Winky D after he sampled a song over the weekend in which he delivered powerful social commentary.

Born Wallace Chirimuko, Winky D, held a sold-out concert on New Year’s Eve that celebrated his 20-year music milestone.

In the aftermath of the highly subscribed concert, Winky D has become a subject of attack by Zanu PF supporters.

Winky D sampled a letter which is an updated version of his 2012 song “Vashakabvu”, an epistle to the departed.

The letter to the departed is on the current state affairs of the country.

In the song Winky D bemoaned polarisation emanating from the disputed last year’s general elections and intolerance towards his project Eureka Eureka which was banned by State media.

Vana ve Zimbabwe vachiri kunyunyuta. Vapararira kwese kwese kutsvaga maguta. Mumwe oti ndaka winner umwe oti wakabvuta. Varikuona Mbuya Nehanda vari muguta. Ndakatsikisa  dambarefu Eureka Eureka. Pa radio voramba voti iro ridza wega. Ndakati vanotora zvevapfupi nekureba. Umwe woiramba oti wakaimba wega,” sang Winky D.

This has riled Zanu PF supporters who are attacking Winky D accusing him of dabbling in politics.

Self-exiled and former cabinet minister Jonathan criticised Winky D in a post on saying he was putting his head on the line.

“This does pass for entertainment, not top-drawer stuff but mundane political entertainment with no political value or mileage in the scheme of things; and to be sure, it’s not music even by the poorest of standards; but truth be told, uku kurisker mahara,” said Moyo.

Zanu PF activist Kudzai Mutisi accused Winky D of being a threat to national security.

“Winky D was having a rally and that has nothing to do with entertainment… His toxic agenda is even a threat to national security. These are well-coordinated campaigns, HICC must not be used for anti-Zimbabwe rallies,”

Attacks on Winky D appear to be continuing unabated after the musician endured a torrid 2023 when his music was banned by State media.

Social commentary, is a hallmark of Winky D’s artistry, using the barrel of a microphone to tackle societal ills, unsettling the ruling elite.

Former Norton Member of Parliament (MP) Temba Mliswa stepped in defence accusing Zanu PF supporters of stifling freedom of expression.

“When Winky came into the limelight he was artistically generic. He sang the same fluff some Zimdancehall artists still do. Then he matured & began focusing on issues of substance& suddenly we have people angry & uncomfortable about that.

“The essence of democracy is to allow everyone a voice & a choice. It’s not as if Winky D has or is committing a crime. It’s also curious that artists who have been darlings of Government have ultimately failed as artists. They ended up less than their potential,” said Mliswa.