Witness claims Sikhala declared war as 2020 obstruction trial drags on

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Staff Reporter

ONE of the key witnesses in a case, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) lawmaker, Job Sikhala is accused of inciting public violence in 2020 Monday nailed the activist claiming that he wanted war.

Detective Inspector Victor Mukohwa told Harare magistrate Feresei Chakanyuka that if Zimbabweans had listened to him there was going to be chaos in the country.

Sikhala is on trial in a case he is accused of allegedly mobilising Zimbabweans to revolt against the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government during the foiled July 31st Movement protests.

The Movement was a brainchild of politician Jacob Ngarivhume who was calling for peaceful stay-away in protest of poor governance.

Mukohwa said Sikhala’s utterances in a video which went viral confirmed that he was not a peaceful person.

“After viewing the video I concluded that there is no other meaning that can be drawn from Sikhala’s words other than that he canvassed people from across the country to go to war. I concluded that Sikhala was inciting violence.

Mukohwa said war means violence.

“By calling others to go to war Sikhala was inciting violence. He also indicated that he was advocating for other people across the world to go and besiege our embassies.

“The words uttered by Sikhala portray a person that is prepared to go to the extremes for his objectives” he said.

The officer is expected back in court on February 6 to continue with his testimony.

Sikhala also has two other similar  pending criminal cases.