Wives chased from home, report dagga peddling hubby

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A 37 YEAR OLD Harare man has been arrested after he was caught in possession of 72 kgs of dagga hidden in a ceiling at his Hatfield home.

Carlington Kudambo was sold out by his two wives after he allegedly assaulted them and chased them away from their house during the night.

He was charged with illegal possession of dagga, domestic violence and theft.

The wives also told the police that their husband stole a gear box belonging to one Llyod Ntelesha.

Kudambo appeared before magistrate Joy Chikodzore on domestic violence charges.

He was released on $50 bail but he remained in custody after another magistrate handling his dagga case denied him bail.

He will be back in court Wednesday for his bail application.

According to the state, his wives are Linda Ncube, 25, and Mada Matarutse aged 28.

Allegations against him arose on March 26 when Kudambo had a misunderstanding with Ncube.

Court heard that he arrived home around 9pm and confronted Ncube, accusing her of being drunk.

He started assaulting her and, according to the state, Ncube sought refuge in Mada’s room.

Kudambo allegedly followed and chase both of them away from home.

The women went to the police and reported their husband.

They told the police that Kudambo was a drug dealer and had a lot of dagga hidden in their house.

Acting on the information, the police went to Kudambo’s home and searched the house where they allegedly found three sacks of dried dagga stashed in a ceiling.

The other dagga was in a dish which was placed under a table in one of the rooms.

Kudambo was subsequently arrested.