Woman loses $453k to bogus cops in ‘chadonha’ scam

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE: A woman from Waterfalls, Pamela Madawo, lost ZWD$453 000 to bogus police officers who threatened to arrest her if she did not give them all the money she had in her possession.

This was part of a robbery trick popularly known as “Chadonha”.

Madawo was robbed by four suspects who have been identified as Solomon Chinhenzva (42) Wiseman Mandangu, Manyara Makonza, Kambarami Jasi and  Sando Ja.

Chinhenzva appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi last Thursday facing charges of robbery.

His other accomplices has since been arrested and placed on remand.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is alleging that Madawo went to Koala Meats and met Mandangu who asked her to guide him to a place where he could buy meat.

Whilst they were walking, Chinhenzva suddenly shouted, showing Madawo some money which was on the ground before he picked it up.

Chinhenzva then started having a conversation with Madawo trying to lure her to share the money together.

As this was going on, his accomplices arrived and indicated that they wanted to arrest Chinhenzva for stealing money because they had seen him picking it from the ground.

They also accused Madawo of working in cahoots with him.

“Accused persons discovered that the complainants had her bank cards with her and started to induce fear by threatening her with arrest and assault,” said the NPA.

“Out of fear, the complainant unwillingly relinquished her bank card and pin together with her mobile phone and its password too.”

Chinhenzva’s bail hearing is ongoing.