Women Still Face Barriers In Accessing Media – Survey

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

WOMEN in Zimbabwe are still struggling to access various media platforms compared to men who can easily reach electronic or print media, a recent report shows.

According to the 2019 Zimbabwe Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) released last week, some 25% of men read newspapers weekly compared to only 14% of women.

“(At least) 57% of men and 44% of women listened to radio weekly, while 43% of men and 38% of women watched television weekly,” the MICS results survey indicated.

“Almost nine in 10 households owned a mobile phone, while two in five owned a radio. 36% owned a television set, 15% owned a computer and a mere 2% owned a telephone line,” MICS said.

About three in 10 households had access to internet at home.

However, the 2019 MICS showed that more women than men used mobile phones.

“Mobile phone usage was very high for both women (90%) and men (89%). More men (36%) used internet compared to women (27%). Men were almost twice more likely to possess a computer skills than women 22% and 13% respectively.”