World acclaimed Polish artist ropes in Zim producer

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By William Milasi

WORLD acclaimed Polish artist Klara Wojtkowska has roped in top Zimbabwean music producer Mono Mukundu on her upcoming project.

The violinist, who has close ties with the country, said the yet-to-be named 13 track album is a celebration of culture and identity.

In a recent interview with Klara said the Slavic culture found in eastern Europe and Russia shares close ties with Zimbabwean culture.

Klara is not only fluent in the Shona language but is also a herbalist and healer.

She is a holder of a B.M. in Violin Performance and a B.A. in Literature from Rice University as well as an M.A. in African History and Literature from Yale University.

“I have roped Mono Mukundu on my project. The album is however, yet to be named,” she said.

“It is however, generally a fusion of Polish and Zimbabwean mbira and violin.

“It looks at Slavic scales and circular Shona songs as well as a mixture of languages polish and Shona. I am working on a 13-track album.”

Klara, who is passionate about culture, said she is comfortable working with local artists as they share similarities in culture.

“Shona and Polish are similar, and both share deep culture; the album mixes the mythology of Poland and Shona culture,” she said.

“It’s a reach into the roots of the journey from Poland to Zimbabwe by way of the trees and musango, and the ancestors and god.”

“This is music to feed the spirit, music that celebrates our beauty and dignity in response to God.

“In Poland we have ancient ad sacred relationship with our trees and forests. Slavic culture generally always reaches back into the forest.

“Now are fighting for our forests here,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mukundu said he was excited to work with the Klara.

“We are working on fusing her polish roots with Zimbabwean mbira roots. The majority of the songs are original,” he said.

The producer said he is excited to work with the artist as it is the first time they are working together.

“It is the first time I am working with the artist. People are to expect something very different,” he said.

Mukundu also added that the project is a pedestal of learning for both artists.

“Whenever artists meet, they learn from each other. So, as Zimbabweans, we will learn a lot of things and she will also learn.”