Yellow Vest Movement Plots Shutdown Over Constitution Amendments

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By Leopold Munhende

A NEW local pressure group, Yellow Vest Movement plans to hold a demonstration Wednesday against the recent moves by government to amend the 2013 national Constitution.

Charles Mutama, Coordinator of the movement told Monday they will disobey the police if they blocked the protests.

“The protest is a contestation for civic power to be recognised in this dire economic situation and hostile political environment between the main political parties,” Mutama said.

The demonstration is set to be held exactly a year after the country witnessed a massive demonstration against fuel increases. At least 17 people were killed after the army was deployed to quell the disturbances.

“We envisage that the police will attempt to thwart the demonstration and silence dissent using brute force. We are unfazed by their acts as we already know that Zimbabwe has become a military state and as such, it is our duty to dismantle that system and set the country back towards the path to democracy.

“One of our main methods is civil disobedience as Yellow Vest Zimbabwe. It is resisting unconstitutional means by police to disrupt protests and might slide towards confrontation.

“We will summon our experience from our heyday at the University of Zimbabwe where battles against riot police were won in a struggle for dignity for the student and academic freedom.”

In December last year, Cabinet approved some constitutional amendments that will see the scrapping of the running mate clause for future presidential elections.

The move has been blasted by civic society and opposition parties as retrogressive.

“The move is undemocratic and undermines the power of the owners of the Constitution who are the people and worse still creates an imperial presidency.”