You are running out of time- Chamisa tells Mnangagwa

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By Anna Chibhamu

DITHERING President Emmerson Mnangagwa could miss the chance of presiding over proper political dialogue that may bring solutions to Zimbabwe’s decades long crisis, opposition MDC Nelson Chamisa said, Friday.

Chamisa, last year’s losing candidate in presidential elections won by Mnangagwa was addressing women supporters at an International Women’s Day commemorations in Chitungwiza.

 “We are saying there should be dialogue in this country.  Threats will not work. Soldiers and police (must) follow the Constitution and respect people.

“No dictator can ever remain in power. That is why I am asking this man to come forward for these talks,” said Chamisa.

Despite his claims of having won the elections last year, Chamisa failed in his bid to overturn Mnangagwa’s disputed victory at the Constitutional Court after his case was thrown out for lack of evidence.

However the opposition leader insists Zimbabwe’s problems are more political than legal and wants Mnangagwa to hand over power.

On the other hand Mnangagwa has called all losing candidates to two meetings to craft a framework for possible talks. Chamisa snubbed the meetings only attended by fringe political party leaders some of whom have since walked away citing lack of seriousness.

This has left Mnangagwa’s attempts to unlock the political logjam facing legitimacy issues.

Chamisa, Friday said the chance for dialogue will not last forever.

“There shall come a time when we will not tolerate his behaviour. How will I do that?

“I can easily pray until nothing moves on for him. In this country everything is malfunctioning and he cannot even apologise for failure. A country with no fuel, transport, bad roads and no water but, one not even humble himself,” the MDC leader said.

Previously Chamisa has threatened rolling mass actions to “make the country ungovernable” in what he has colloquially called “putting sand in the food” using vernacular.

The youthful opposition leader said Zimbabweans are tired of Zanu PF corruption.

 “Give us the vehicle and let us drive it,” said Chamisa in a statement which loosely translated means “allow me to govern.”

Two weeks ago Chamisa suggested he and Mnangagwa could alternate in leading the country in two year cycles until Zimbabwe was out of the woods.





A lot of women have suffered a lot. I gave a chance to Emmerson Mnangagwa to negotiate with others like Elton Mangoma and the other losing crew. But Mnangagwa says I am tough.

“I am not tough as he says; I have always done what people advocated for. He wants me to go back to parliament. I have been in parliament since 2003 what for? I was given a mandate by people but, Mnangagwa wants me to be a casual worker again.

“That’s why we are saying this country needs dialogue. They are refusing to have this dialogue. I have been patient with him for too long and I am considerate. I can easily mobilise a committee and call for an emergency dialogue, the constitution allows for that,” Chamisa highlighted.

For Chamisa, Mnangagwa’s threats are useless because the army and police will always protect the people.