Youths optimistic of change, pin hopes on different govt – report

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE has recorded a significant rise in the number of youths who expressed a desire to vote with the hope that a different government may deliver jobs, and better quality of life while reviving the economy, a report has revealed.

In a survey conducted by the Election Resource Centre (ERC) on the nature of youths’ participation in electoral and political processes in Zimbabwe, 71% of the registered young people said they were ready to vote on August 23.

According to the ERC study, 94% of the registered youths are determined to not waste their registration status and are going to proceed and cast their vote.

“The biggest motivation to vote is a desire to see a change in government expressed by 38% who said they are voting because they think another government can do a better job with the economy.

“26% just want to see different faces and personalities in government and 25% attributed their desire to vote to a fulfilment of civic duty,” read the report.

A small minority of the sample, 6%, according to the report, indicated that they will not cast their vote in the forthcoming elections despite being registered to vote.

“These youths indicated they have no confidence in the election process with 42% of that subgroup saying they ‘don’t think elections work’.”

A smaller group of 13% indicated that they will not be able to get their documents in time whilst 10% said that they lived too far from where they registered to vote.

Another 10% revealed that they have no confidence in the election candidates presented so far.

Of the 29% who are not registered to vote, according to the survey, 21% said they were not available during the time of voter registration.

20% of the aforementioned group revealed that have no desire to vote.

According to the survey, 16% do not know how to register and 10% do not have the necessary identification documents.

The report also revealed that of the 29% that are not registered to vote, 67% of that sub-group has no desire to proceed with trying to register to vote if the opportunity to do so presents itself.