ZAA PICTURES: ‘Very important that Zim Achievers Awards continue’ – says Diaspora Insurance CEO

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By UK Correspondent

THE biggest awards event on the Zimbabwe-UK calendar again lived up to expectations this year with a surfeit of frocking elegance and tuxedos to match complementing achievements that were honoured in Birmingham last Saturday.

Founder and Chairman of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA-UK) celebrated the 14th anniversary of the initiative by saying he – again – that he would be stepping down and handing over the running of the awards. He said the same thing last year; it’s too good to let go.

Diaspora Insurance was one of the sponsors this year, and CEO Jeff Madzingo said it was “very important that the wards must continue”.

“I want to thank the organisers; it’s very, very important that these awards continue and that is why we have been part of them from inception,” he said.

“We believe in community, and we want to support our own and, as we celebrate each other’s successes, let’s be reminded that it goes beyond the awards today.

“It’s a bond that glues us together as we scale greater heights as a people, creating our own spaces. When you’re celebrated by your own, it gives greater value than being celebrated by strangers.”

WATCH Mr Madzingo speak below: