ZACC crafting new anti-corruption law to cover new offences

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By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is spearheading the formulation of a new anti-graft law set to widen the scope of offences within which one can be prosecuted under the vice.

At a recent launch of the Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) Corruption Perceptions Index Results Report launch in Harare, ZACC chairperson Loice Matanda-Moyo bemoaned existing anti-corruption laws she described as archaic as they did not cover some new offences.

The High Court judge said a new Bill will be tabled in parliament soon to cover most of the new offences which were now coming up.

“As ZACC, we are coming up with a lay Bill which we have introduced…our charges pertaining to corruption as a country are archaic and they are no longer useful in today’s life,” said the ZACC boss.

“So we are actually incorporating some of these offences that you are talking about which are gender based and from that lay Bill, you will see so many new offences coming up and very soon once parliament agrees with us and adopt that lay Bill.”

She added, “…We are going to push it through the Attorney General’s office and through the legislative process because we realised that we cannot wait for the process to come from the Attorney General process.

“So, let us be pro-active as ZACC because from the Anti-Corruption Consultative meetings, it was quite clear that there are a lot of offences which are happening nowadays which are not covered within our law. So, very soon we will have those laws coming into play.”

The current anti-graft body has been in office for less than 12 months but Moyo feels her team has tried its best to rejuvenate and give clout to the institution.