Zanu MP Sanyatwe In Gold Mine Storm

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

ZANU PF legislator for Nyanga North, Chido Sanyatwe has been reported to both her party and the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda for allegedly mobilising hundreds of youths to drive out a gold miner, Julius Manyuchi from his claims.

Sanyatwe is wife to Zimbabwe ambassador to Tanzania and once feared Presidential Guard commander Anselem Sanyatwe.

The letter of complaint seen by was also copied to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office, the Joint Operations Command (JOC), Dispol Nyanga, Director of Mines among others all in Manicaland Province.

Manyuchi, in his letter, says Sanyatwe mobilised youths to beat him up and block him from his multi-million-dollar investment.

He pleaded with the ruling party leadership to rein in the legislator.

“l am a member of Chisero Mining Syndicate and operate a registered milling plant in the Chisero area,” he said in his letter.

“I have sunk shafts and I operate a registered milling plant in the Chisero area and all my operations are above board and in terms of the law.”

He said he was having problems with his colleagues who were not following the law including one Givemore Renzva, who, in a bid to elbow him out, has roped in the services of a willing Sanyatwe.

“In a bid to elbow me out of the syndicate, Givemore Renzva’s factions have enlisted the help of the MP Nyanga North, the DCC Nyanga, war vets and the party leadership in Ward,” he said.

“On the 6th of March 2021 and at Chisero, the MP addressed a rally called by Ward 2 chair Wendy Sabungu. Present were Evans Kamombo, Nyanga DCC secretary for administration, Mhaka, DCC chairman, and Mbiriwiri Nyanga War vets chairman.

“I was embarrassed and belittled at that rally and several allegations and accusations were levelled against me.

“I was then ordered to vacate the area and the crowd of rowdy artisanal miners numbering more than 800 demanded that I do so with immediate effect.

“The Honourable MP then told me to vacate as demanded and he told the people present that if I did not comply, they should simply block my way at Avilla Mission.

“I now live in fear of being attacked on the way to my investment.

“I have an investment running into several millions of dollars at Chisero and I cannot vacate the place either now or at any other time.

“I am also legally advised that the Honourable MP does not have the power to remove me from the syndicate as I am duly registered at the ministry of mines.

“I am also advised that it is illegal for a Member of Parliament to instigate violence or encourage people to break the law as she did.”

Manyuchi said he was also a strong Zanu PF supporter who has been active in pushing party programmes including handing over 10 000 litres of fuel in 2013 elections.

He pleaded with the party to act on the matter and allow the law to be followed without allowing the MP to abuse her powers.

In an interview, Sanyatwe said Manyuchi was abusing over 5 000 artisanal miners in the area.

“He is in conflict with other miners. The others came to my office and they are about 5 000 people.

“They accuse him of fraudulently finding his way into the claims and that he was abusing miners while not following the law.

“They wanted my intervention as MP.

“I was surprised to see him writing to parliament and others instead of him coming to me. I have to protect my people and the President needs 5 million votes. All he said were lies,” Sanyatwe said.