Zanu (Ndonga) ‘re-joins’ Zanu PF

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A FACTION of the opposition Zanu (Ndonga) said Monday that it was re-joining the ruling Zanu PF party ahead of the 2018 general elections expected mid this year.

The opposition party is divided for about two years with one group, led by Wedzerai Gwenzi, part of the MDC Alliance.

The rival faction led Wilson Khumbula held an executive meeting Harare Monday after which they announced the decision to join up with Zanu PF.

He said the decision was made possible by the ouster of President Robert Mugabe from Zanu PF and his G40 allies from the ruling party.

“The opposition is now fully joining the ruling party Zanu PF,” Khumbula told journalists.

“I call upon all former Zanu (Ndonga) members to adhere to our decision that the party dissolved in February 2015 and joined Zanu PF to become one party following the final round of negotiations with representatives of Zanu PF led by Win Mlambo.

“The decision to join Zanu PF was downplayed by the G40 cabal which teamed up with the Manicaland provincial executive as our members were denied entry into Zanu PF which saw some of our members enticed to other parties.”

Khumbula added; “Now because the G40 cabal was brought to book, I call upon again to all Zanu (Ndonga) members to come back to Zanu PF.

“We have agreed with the leadership of the new dispensation led by His Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa that all our members are very much welcome into the party since we started together in 1963 as one party.”

Khumbula went on to urge party members to vote for Zanu PF in the coming elections. Rival faction leader Gwenzi could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was off.