Zanu PF accused of meddling in South African politics after attending ANC rally 

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By Darlington Gatsi

SOUTH African anti-immigration activist Kwena Molekwa has accused Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu PF, of infiltrating South African politics.

This follows the attendance of Zanu PF officials at the African National Congress (ANC) Siyanqoba rally in Johannesburg over the weekend.

Zanu PF officials are in South Africa in solidarity with the ANC ahead of Wednesday’s elections.

Molekwa said the participation of Zanu PF in the ANC’s campaign smacks of interference in the South African political space.

“It was not only the EFF rally that was graced by outsiders. Even the “ANC siyahamba rally” was anointed by Zimbabweans’ presence. Tendai Chirau from Zanu-PF was at an ANC rally. Obviously, he didn’t walk alone. He was accompanied by Top Zanu-PF brass crossing the Limpopo river,  Zanu-PF politicians are infiltrating South Africa fast, they are growing horns daily to undermine and threaten our “democracy.”

“If this was done in Zimbabwe and at Zanu-PF rally, Zimbabweans themselves, they’ll say, “It’s interference from outsiders, from Sasko” but here in South Africa we feed pan Africanism,” said Molekwa.

Zanu PF former deputy secretary for Youth Affairs Tendai Chirau at the ANC Siyanqoba rally

Zanu PF and the ANC are like Siamese twins, with a relationship that dates back to the liberation struggle.

Earlier this year, Zanu PF hosted a conference in Victoria Falls where a resolution was passed to protect the region from “imperialists” by overcoming opposition parties.

Molekwa claimed that there was a scheme by Zanu PF to capture the Southern African region.

“Zanu PF is on a drive to capture the whole of the SADC region, and soon, if we aren’t careful, South Africa will rule if the ANC wins. They are doing the same in Botswana and Namibia.

“Their only stress is Zambia with President Hakainde Hichilema being a long-time enemy of Zanu-PF but they are pushing that in the 2026 election, Lungu wins who is their ally that will enable the Zanu PF plan of capturing SADC region very possible,” she said.