Zanu PF Claims Overwhelmed By MDC Defections

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By Thandiwe Garusa

ZANU PF claims it is overwhelmed by MDC Alliance officials who defecting to the ruling party in large numbers.

Addressing the press in Harare Monday, acting Zanu PF spokesperson Mike Bimha said Zanu PF has been receiving overwhelming enquiries of MDC officials seeking to join the party.

“Contrary to the claims by opposition parties and overzealous political commentators that ZANU PF is lethargic and incapable of attracting new members, the party is receiving overwhelming inquiries from many people that wish to join the party. Interestingly, as the public already knows, there are large numbers of people that are rejoining Zanu PF from MDC and in other smaller political formations,” Bimha claimed.

“The bottom line is that it is now clear to most people that Zanu PF is determined to achieve its development goals through its positive, progressive and inclusive policies,” Bimha said.

Bimha also said that they have welcomed more than 800 people who have defected to Zanu PF in areas like Mutare, Gokwe and Marondera this past weekend alone. He said some of the defectors are now being threatened by their former party members.

“The issue that was raised in Mutare, was that they are getting threats from former colleagues who obviously regard them as sell outs. We gave them the assurance that as a party we want to embrace them and we will assist them going through the emotions of appreciating our culture through lectures from Herbert Chitepo school of ideology which they also welcomed and that they will be able to exercise their right as members of the party like any other member of Zanu PF,” Bimha said.