Zanu PF councillor in Chief Svosve’s court accused of bedding jailed cattle rustler’ wife, dolling out govt fertilizer to married lover

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A ZANU PF councillor has appeared before Chief Svosve’s traditional court facing charges of conducting an illicit affair with woman whose husband was serving time in prison for stock theft.

Joshua Neshamba, a Marondera Rural District Council councillor, is also facing additional charges of illegally allocating the government’s agricultural inputs to the married woman.

Chief Svosve heard how Neshamba took advantage of the absence of Tonderai Mutokonya, who was serving time in prison for stock theft, and started dating his wife. 

However, the illicit affair was exposed when Mutokonya was recently released from prison under the presidential amnesty and he was informed by relatives and friends of the love relationship between Neshamba and his wife.

Mutokonya told Chief Svosve that he carried out his own investigations and later found a photo of his wife and her younger sister posing next to Neshamba’s motorbike.  Also, Mutokonya’s wife could also not explain to her husband how she had acquired several bags of fertiliser and maize seed, which were stacked at their home.

“Each time villagers were called to receive agricultural inputs such as fertiliser and maize seed from the government, Councillor Neshamba would ensure that her lover received more than what was allocated to other beneficiaries,” a witness at Chief Svosve’s court said.

However, in his ruling, Chief Svosve urged Mutokonya to bring more evidence to his court that would be used to prosecute Neshamba as the information he had provided was not sufficient.

“The fact that you brought a photo of your wife on Neshamba’s motorbike is not sufficient evidence to nail Neshamba.  Therefore, you need to bring more evidence to my court so that I will be able to prosecute and charge him accordingly,” Chief Svosve said.