Zanu PF Denies Paying People To Attend Gatherings

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By Anna Chibamu

ZANU PF has dismissed allegations that is it paying people to attend its gatherings.

Its acting spokesperson Mike Bimha told journalists during a press in Harare Thursday it has enough supporters and does not need to resort to inducing anyone to follow its events.

“As a party, we have said it so many times even when our own internal elections that we don’t condone vote-buying. Even when we have primary elections, we have stated clearly that those participating in elections, candidates found buying votes will be disqualified,” Bimha said.

“So as a principle, we do not subscribe to vote-buying. If we do not subscribe to vote-buying, surely it stands to reason that we cannot use the money to get people to come to our meetings,” he said.

“The biggest problem we face actually is to stop people from attending because of the huge numbers that turn out. More so, in the light of the pandemic, we have been trying to dissuade people from meetings and to make sure that they follow protocols. Therefore, to me, it’s something that I find very difficult to believe that there is anywhere in this country where people are being paid to come to meetings,” he added.

“Any political party is there to get votes and if give someone money, $2, $20, $200, it is no guarantee that person will vote for you. In some cases, you do not even know who is registered or not. How then do you spend money with non-voters? Any party like Zanu PF would not stoop so low to get people to come for meetings using money as an incentive. So, l believe you get such accusations from people with their own agendas. Take it from me, it is not Zanu PF practice to use money for such. If it was so, it is not something that you would talk about,” he said.

He proffered ignorance on the upcoming US President Democracy meeting with other countries where Zimbabwe has been the only country without an invitation in the SADC region.

“I am not aware of the meeting that you are talking about and I am sure if there are issues to do with the participation of governments and so forth it is more to do with the Foreign Affairs ministry,” he said.