Zanu PF endorsed ‘weak’ Mnangagwa as 2023 presidential candidate: CiZC boss

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By Leopold Munhende l Chief Correspondent

CRISIS in ZImbabwe Coalition (CiZC) director, Blessing Vava, has said organised opposition parties must take advantage of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s endorsement as Zanu PF’s candidate for the next elections, considering his marked failures.

Mnangagwa was endorsed by all Zanu PF structures at the party’s 7th national people’s congress held in Harare despite earlier speculation his deputy, former army general Constantino Chiwenga was gunning for the top post.

Vava, who was speaking on South African broadcaster SABC News’ premier current affairs show, The Globe, said the emergence of new groups aligning themselves to Mnangagwa such as Doctors4ED, Nurses4ED, Journalists4ED was indicative of a waning support base from within his own movement.

“The coming back, the re-endorsement of Mnangagwa as Zanu PF’s presidential candidate is a plus for those who are contesting in the next elections in that all the indications are now there that he has totally failed,” said Vava.


“What just needs to be done if for people who are organised, an opposition that is organised to be able to remove Zanu PF from power.

“We have seen overtures of the various groups that are all claiming him, the other one is Pastors for ED, Mahwindi for ED, which is the first time that we have seen a presidential candidate of the ruling party without the support structure of the ruling party.

“We have seen a Zanu PF campaign that is centred around its presidential candidate, but also shows the deficiencies and unpopularity of Mnangagwa within his party.”

The ‘4ED’ groupings have been sprouting over the past year.

Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), currently the main competitor, has been accused of failing to strategically position itself for a contest at the 2023 elections with arguments ranging from his leadership style and decision to operate without traditional structures.

Chamisa’s campaign has also been on the receiving end of criticism, not just from Zanu PF but friendly forces previously associated with him.

Other political parties, such as Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T and Lovemore Madhuku’s National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), have been accused of cosying up to Mnangagwa’s regime and failing to offer critical resistance.

Poor performance of the economy, a shrinking democratic space and disregard for basic human rights have all been used as examples of Mnangagwa’s weakness and failure.