Zanu PF Fights: Makamba Prov Chair Candidature Worries Security Chiefs

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By Staff Reporter

THE country’s security chiefs are sweating over the possibility of tycoon James Makamba becoming Mashonaland Central provincial chairman for Zanu PF after he reportedly submitted his CV for the position last week, it has emerged.

In confidential briefings to Monday, sources  said the Mashonaland Central provincial joint operations command (JOC) has consistently expressed its concerns over his candidature in its meetings, especially over his previous alleged romantic affair with former first lady Grace Mugabe which led him into fleeing the country.

Security concerns are that he is a daring man capable of doing anything after he allegedly “went after the wife of Africa’s most feared man at the time”.

“There is a strong belief among the security chiefs that he is daring, reckless and excitable. This is from a security point of view,” a security source said.

“So basically, whether it’s true or not, they have concluded that he can do anything for power. In one of the meetings, a contributor said he could have gone for any other woman, but chose her. It means a lot, that is the first scenario given,” he source said.

“The second scenario is that there are genuine fears he could be working for or with G40. Remember he is from Mt Darwin, the home of G40. So there is that suspicion as well which worries Joc a lot. This province is the strongest support base for Zanu PF and is also the home of Gamatox. It is expected to cover for Zanu PF’s shortcomings in other provinces and cannot be left in questionable hands. This is the concern being raised among security chiefs,” he said.

“The other issue that was raised was that Grace’s assets are in the province, she holds interests in politics and was the G40 lynchpin. What has also caused problems is her continued refusal to have her husband reburied at the Heroes Acre. In any political machination, the provincial chair is the target. She still has foot soldiers. And now that she is a widow, they can rekindle their thing and even marry,” the source further said.

Sources further indicated that Makamba is bound to face major stumbling blocks in his bid given other dynamics with interests apparently running antagonistic to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s.

“The other thing is that he wants his farm back which was taken by Presidential Guard commander Brigadier General Fidelis Mhonda. So basically, a major fight is looming between Makamba and the president’s bodyguard-in-chief. Add to that the fact that he is still fighting to win back his shares in Telecel. The consortium which won those shares is represented by the president’s son in law Gerald Mlotshwa.”

“The generals basically think the province is not in safe hands with Makamba. We are going into a do-or-die election in 2023, and there are fears his shenanigans are going to tumble when he gets into office,” another source said.