Zanu PF Ghetto youths want Winky D’s music ban for being “anti-government”

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By Thandiwe Garusa

A Zanu PF youth lobby grouping, Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), wants popular Zimdancehall superstar, Wallace Chirimuko better known as Winky D, banned from performing his music in the country, claiming he is anti-government.

The EEG is led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally, Mike Chimombe, who was recently arrested for fraud before being acquitted by the courts.

The Ninja President, as Winky D is also affectionately known, launched his ‘Eureka Eureka’ album on New Year’s Eve.

So far only four tracks from the album have been released with songs ‘Dzimba Dzemabwe’ and ‘Ibotso’ triggering pandemonium.

In the songs, Winky D describes daily suffering of the masses, which appears to have angered those aligned to the ruling party.

Addressing a press conference Tuesday, EEG representatives said they were not happy with the multi-award winning musician’s lyrics.


“I am not happy about some of Winky D’s lyrics which are bad as he talks about the hoots and toots, civil wars which happened in other countries, and it will promote violence among the youths.

“His music promotes hate speech to others, as you can see our President is trying to make everything well from the airport, Beitbridge border post, e-passports. Everything has changed so far.

“For now, Winky D must be teaching us good about our leaders, but he acts as if he is used to tarnish and insult our nation.

“As ghetto youths we are not happy. Haungaunganidzi mayouth anozadza ground rese kuti irwai, bvisai vakuru. That is conspiracy, so we do not allow it. We want him banned from performing his music because, until he starts singing for development, he does not teach us anything,” said EEG.

On the new album, Winky D featured other artists like Tocky Vibes, SaintFloew, Holy 10, Herman, Nutty O, Killer T, Enzo Ishal and Shingai as a way of fighting intolerance and encouraging society to embrace divergent views.

However, it seems the album has rather caused more divisions.