Zanu PF holds keys to Zimbabwe`s economic freedom

THAT Zimbabwe’s current state, economic or otherwise is directly linked to the state of affairs at the political top goes without saying. President Robert Mugabe`s government has presided over Zimbabwe`s declining economic fortunes, and that is just a fact. Zanu PF sympathisers will lay the blame squarely on sanctions imposed by the western bloc of countries at the turn of the new millennium. On the other hand, backers of the opposition will point to misrule, corruption and lack of clear strategic policy direction as being the root causes of the country`s.
What is clear however, regardless of what one`s personal political persuasion is that, how Zimbabwe`s economy is going to turn out in the coming years, is down to how Zanu PF will handle its internal party politics. It would be utterly naïve to think that the economy will be top of the mind for policy makers read (Zanu PF brains trust) before their personal interests are cemented in the ongoing party power struggles. This unfortunately is the curse of political liberation movements in Africa; current events in South Africa`s African National Congress (ANC) being a case in point.
But why is this so?
Will the real opposition please stand up!
For all intents and purposes, Zimbabwe currently has no opposition which can match Zanu PF pound-for-pound. This is rather unfortunate given the precarious situation Zanu PF finds itself in, with power fights giving birth to factions, which would, in theory, have given opportunity for a switched-on and organised opposition party to outmanoeuvre the ruling party.

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