Zanu PF in fawning ED birthday praise, says he is best hope for Zim prosperity

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

ZANU PF has showered fawning praises on party and national President Emmerson Mnangagwa, telling the veteran politician his leadership was destined to usher the country into endless prosperity.

In a birthday message read by party secretary for administration, Obert Mpofu Tuesday, Zanu PF said under Mnangagwa’s so-called Second Republic, Zimbabweans were enjoying the ‘tide of peace and reconciliation’.

Mnangagwa turned 78 on 15 September.

Said Zanu PF in a birthday message to the Zimbabwean leader, “Since his formative induction to leadership through the armed struggled and at a tender age, he forwent the treasonous risk of confronting the colonial regime in the pursuit of our independence.

“The footsteps of his leadership path underscores the creed of our decolonisation triumph, characterised by justice, unity and equality for all.

“Your Excellency, through this life anniversary as Zanu PF, we join the rest of the nation in commemorating divine validation of your vocation.

“We also cherish your constant ideological leaning to the decolonisation agenda and your meticulous reinvention of our liberation legacy as the founding father of the New dispensation.”

Mpofu added, “Under the Second Republic, we enjoyed the tide of peace and reconciliation in our nation.

“However, through your leadership Your Excellency, we are confident in the wide prospect of national unity and crosscutting solidarity of our people, which transcend our artificial binary device of race, ethnicity gender and partisan affiliation.

“Cde President, your sterling statesmanship has ushered Zimbabwe into an era of development centred political nominee, unity and building of our economy through an accelerated predisposition of widening investment opportunities.

“Without doubt, your inaugural endorsement as the President of The Republic of Zimbabwe in 2018 has reasserted the magnitude of your popularity.”

Zanu PF said Mnangagwa remained “a symbol of broad-based aspiration of the diversion of our season”.

“To this end, we are confident that under your leadership, Zimbabwe will be ushered into a future of endless prosperity.

“In the breadth of your wisdom, the future of our national consensus is guaranteed in as much as in our continued anti-colonial ethos is best secured.

“As such Zanu PF stands in solidarity with define virtues of your astute leadership credibility, inbuilt resolute dedication to a sacred past which under pin our immediate reality to define the future as a liberated nation.”