Zanu PF In Mbare Clean-Up After Police Arrest Ngarivhume For Similar Attempt

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By Staff Reporter 

ONLY a few days after the police blocked and arrested Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume from clearing litter at the busy Mbare Musika area, Zanu PF youth league members Friday were allowed to carry out a similar exercise.

On Tuesday, police in Mbare arrested Ngarivhume after he and other activists tried to carry out a clean-up exercise at the busy Mbare Musika.

He was released the same day after being cautioned against the exercise.

Mbare District Police Chief Superintendent J Mafoko also told the politician he could not carry the exercise as previously he had displayed political messages and the least he could do is to clean up the area in which he lived.

“You are being advised that your application is not approved. We still stand by our previous stance that you should leave the cleaning to the City of Harare since you have a tendency of politicising your clean-up events by flashing banners with political information. May you please take the clean-up campaign to your area of residence,” Mafoko’s letter of rejection to Ngarivhume reads.

However, Zanu PF youths in full ruling party regalia took up the exercise at Mbare Musika and Mbare Flats Friday.

The ruling party’s Harare youth league chairperson Emmanuel Mahachi told that Mbare, one of the oldest suburbs in Harare, was sitting on a health time bomb as refuse continue piling without the city collecting refuse.

“A lot of uncollected rubbish was piling up in Mbare vending sites. We decided to mobilise our fellow cadres and clean our city,” said Mahachi.

“A lot of uncollected rubbish was piling up in Mbare vending sites. We decided to mobilise our fellow cadres and clean our city.”

He added instead of having clean-up campaigns every Friday of the beginning of the month, they have set aside every Friday of the week as the national environment cleaning day.

“As the Youth League, we have decided that we will have a clean-up campaign every Friday of the week so that we keep the environment clean. As you are aware, there is a hive of activity, so we need to at least to clean the area on a weekly basis.

“We have mobilised a number of youths and the Mbare Flats residents to make sure we clean the environment. The area is prone to cholera outbreaks, but we have said, let’s clean up the flats, this is our home,” said Mahachi.