Zanu PF land baron ‘flees to China’ after probe ordered into opaque deals

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By Staff Reporter

A SENIOR Zanu PF Masvingo official and known land baron has reportedly fled the country to China after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s six-member probe team into the sale of state land in urban areas recently descended on the city.

Gordad Dunira, a party provincial member and nephew to former Minister of State for Masvingo Josiah Hungwe, was recently taken to task by the Justice Tendai Uchena led Commission of Inquiry into the sale of state land, on how he managed to acquire vast wealth with just four years of leaving his teaching profession.

Dunira chairs Vashandi Housing cooperative, an institution which partitioned and sold thousands of residential stands on state land on the outskirts of the city.

To date, those who bought the stands in the sprouting Victoria range suburb are yet to have essential services like water, sewer and electricity owing to an impasse between the cooperative and the local authority over the manner in which the project came into existence.

Yet Dunira has risen to become one of the wealthiest residents in Masvingo town, with various properties to his name around the province.

These include private schools, lodges and shopping malls.

Dunira appeared before the commission last week but contradicted himself while responding to questions from the commissioners on how he made his fortune.

This prompted one of the commissioners Heather Chin’ono to order a full scale police investigation after it became apparent he may have acquired some of the wealth through acts of crminality.

After giving his evidence before the commission, Dunira immediately left for China, with sources saying he might not find his way back anytime soon for fear of prosecution.

“Yes, he left for China. He needed time to cool off after what happened during the land commission inquiry.

“If he feels he is not safe to return I don’t see him coming back any time soon,” said a source.

The land commission is mandated to investigate and identify all State land in and around urban areas that was acquired and allocated to the Local Government ministry for public development since 2005.

It will also investigate and ascertain the status of such land in terms of ownership, occupation and development, investigate methods of acquisition and/or allocation by current occupants or owners of such land and ascertain actors involved in the allocation, occupation or use of such land.