Zanu PF land barons pocket $100m from illegal sales in Mash East

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By Mashonaland East Correspondent

MARONDERA: Zanu PF politicians and land barons in Mashonaland East province are reported to have made over $100 million from illegal land sales with thousands of duped people still battling to recover their money.

Sources at the ministry of local government provincial offices in Marondera said a report compiled by the commission of inquiry into the sale of State land in the province revealed that desperate home seekers lost millions of dollars to the land barons and most had failed to recover their money.

The report shows that 16 State farms were invaded by the land barons who illegally parcelled the land out to home seekers to construct houses.

Some of the farms are; Solomio in Ruwa, Longlands and Elmswood, Marondera, Train, Macheke and four farms, Edinburg, Cawdor, Dunnotar and Tantallon in Nyatsime.

Justice ministry CEO Virginia Mabhiza is the secretary of the Commission of Inquiry. According to the government sources, the findings are now with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The land audit report comes at a time when Zanu PF is making frantic efforts, ahead of the July 30 elections, to find suitable land to distribute to thousands of duped home seekers in Marondera who paid money to known ruling party officials.

Over 2,500 home seekers each paid $1,500 three years ago for the residential stands which are yet to be delivered.

Some of the money was collected by the outgoing Zanu PF Marondera Central MP, Lawrence Katsiru at town council officials.

Addressing a Zanu PF rally last weekend, the Marondera Central aspiring parliamentary candidate, Cleopas Kundiona, confirmed that Zanu PF was now engaging various departments to solve the long-standing dispute as the party fears defeat ahead of this month’s elections.

“The land dispute will be a thing of the past before the coming elections,” he said.

“As Zanu PF, we have approached the local authority and the relevant government departments to secure other land for those home seekers who paid money for the housing stands.”