Zanu PF launches racists attack against Bulawayo’s CCC mayor

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By Tapiwa Svondo 

A RULING party affiliate organisation, Zanu PF Patriots, has sparked a racist diatribe accusing opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Bulawayo Mayor, David Coltart of presiding over the murder of scores of indigenous people before the country attained independence in 1980.

Earlier, the mayor had expressed reservations over the continued failure by government protocol officers to recognise the Office of Mayor, and failing to extend official invitations to attend national events such as lndependence Day.

In response to Coltart’s sentiments, Zanu PF, through its official X page, went on to post racists claims, that the mayor was a bitter man, who was defeated together with the Smith regime which was responsible for the killing of hundred of civilians.

“David Coltart did well by not attending independence celebrations. He killed our people. We defeated him and other Smith regime soldiers. He is still bitter, we did not want bitter people at independence events today”, said Zanu-PF.

Coltart had announced he was snubbing the Uhuru gala at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium for lack of a formal invitation.

“Councillors I need to explain my position to you all regarding the Independence Day celebrations today. Whilst a general notice has been sent out to councillors, the Office of Mayor has not been invited by government to attend. This is a basic courtesy which should be extended to the office, not me personally as such”, said Coltart.

He indicated that this was not the first time the mayor’s office has not received an invitation to the Zimbabwe Independence celebrations.

“I have also been advised that in recent years mayors were snubbed at Independence Day celebrations to such an extent that they no longer attended.

“Whilst I hope this treatment of mayors has ended I am not prepared to allow it to happen again. A few weeks ago I was invited to a function — a Business Expo — where the Office of Mayor was snubbed by government at the event. I registered a protest and left. I am not prepared to allow the Office of Mayor be denigrated again,’ added the opposition politician.

“I have made sure that at events I have control over, that appropriate government officials are invited personally and I expect that the Office of Mayor will be respected in a similar fashion going forward.

“I am grateful that you are attending this national celebration and am with you all in spirit. God bless Zimbabwe.”

Coltart became Bulawayo mayor last September under the banner of CCC following an unopposed nomination.