Zanu PF MP in gold mine row with widow

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By Midlands Correspondent

ZANU PF lawmaker for Silobela, Mthokozisi Manoki Mpofu has been sucked into an ugly gold mine ownership row with a widow who has pleaded with Parliament to help her.

Sibusisiwe Moyo, widow to the late Silobela Development Trust chairman, Arthur Nkiwane accused Manoki of forcing her out of a gold mine left behind by her late husband.

She pleaded with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines last week to help her reclaim her inheritance.

“I am the right founder of Peace Mine and the mining rights were automatically bestowed on me after the death of Mzingeli Nkiwane. I was granted access to the mine after numerous disturbances,” Moyo told the committee chaired by Zanu PF’s Dumezweni Mawite.

“The MP of Silobela is not giving parliament correct information about Peace Mine.”

Moyo claimed she was a member of the ruling Zanu PF party but claimed she was harassed out of the mine by Mpofu.

“I am a member of Zanu PF and I will never say anything which is against the party’s ethos of honesty. I have evidence which shows that I am the rightful owner.

“I brought investors to the mine but they were hijacked by one of your own, the MP of the area. As women we really need protection in terms of mining rights when you are crafting laws so that we will not have our mines grabbed like what is happening,” she said.

“We are willing to mine but we cannot do so as there are some people who are already on the ground mining. I am one of you (Zanu PF cadre) I will not stray from the President (Emmerson Mnangagwa)’s vision of empowerment. So why am I being persecuted.”

Moyo said she had no intentions to contest as MP and even supported Mpofu’s election last year.

But Mpofu rejected the widow’s claim, instead arguing a traditional leader, Chief Sigodo is the one on the disputed mine row. The MP claimed Moyo was a pawn in a dirty political game.

“That is nonsense. I am not into mining. She is being sent by my political enemies who want to soil my name. She indicated that she has evidence. Did she produce it before the committee? If the committee can make investigations, the better,” said Mpofu.

“Peace Mine is currently run by Chief Sigodo and he is the one currently mining. There are however, still disputes as there is also a group led by Moyo using Silobela Development Trust and claiming ownership of the mine.”